Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I hate love songs.

I loathe love songs. They are like an epitome of the past I have been longing to forget. The past that haunts me in a way only I could feel it. You know when tiny pieces of this heart of yours somehow is being suppressed to the point you cant breathe properly, and all you can do is trying to catch every breath by sighing slowly yet painfully.

It is been like a while I have been such redundant when it comes to love songs. Feeling is perfectly suppressed, My undefined emotion is somehow ignored, as I am actually scared of its after-effect.

Be it heartbreaking, or not. I cant stand it without feeling that hey, this might be referring to my situation now! Darn it. Hell with it. I despise love songs.

I could listen to them, but trying to tag along any emotion available is a big no-no.

I am that rigid. I am that afraid. You do know how heartbreak feels like, dont you? It feels like, an atomic bomb screwing every organ in your body.


Anyway somehow this rigid heart of mine feels a sudden emotion recently when I listen to a certain love songs.

And all I can say,

Darn! Screw me.

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