Saturday, February 4, 2012

A journey to wherever Mind, Heart And Smile take her to.

Its been awhile, so hey you my little cute black space. I owed you a tale. A tale of Ninja Inchan with her cute little friends called Heart, Mind and Smile.

Well, I dont know where to start.

Maybe by saying that Ninja Inchan is in mess. A little heartbroken. Somehow in love, well shes totally unsure of that though . Kind of confused. Somehow jilted. Serenity could be hers at times, then could just drift away from her grip slowly yet certainly.

And yes, she knows shes fine. Heart, Mind and Smile are there for her. Always there. Always stay put. Stay true. Never move an inch, a step, even their guts are as strong, as loyal.

Ninja Inchan: But I think people are selfish at times. I cant simply make everyone happy. What about my own happiness? My own love story? My own happy ending Oh dear, you should know how hard I have tried. Have struggled like a mad man tried to sell his gums. And, White flag is the only thing I have in mind.

Smile: I know its a pretty tough time you are going through now buddy. With this and that and these and those, oh boy, I feel you, like really. But honey, your loved ones are the most important treasures someone should always care of. Be there for your loved ones. Be selfless. Life needs selfless people more.Now, let me see your smile. There you go, honey bee. A little wider, aaah much better!

Heart: You two weird things are fine now. Let it be. Be there for him at his worst. Be there for him, always. Fragile little thing, he is now. Guys are always too complicated. They have this cave thing, and hide in that dark cold cave like a mad scientist working on his rocket plan. They think they are simple, but they are not, really. But then, you are your own happiness, create it. Dont depend on things or humans. Your joy is solely yours to imagine and feel and breathe and love. Let that mad scientist be. That rocket hes working on, could be his only transport to you one day, you will see.

Mind: You are still young. Young and in mess. Well, that is not a surprise to anyone, isnt? So be a mess. A hot young mess. Life is a maze, and you will find a way out, you always will.

And Ninja Inchan weeps softly, sighs deeply and yet she knows, shes fine.

"Lets move faster now, this maze is getting deeper and darker, and you have no idea how i hate being in the dark!"

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  1. when we are young and heartbroken , that is just a part of our life love story dear.. be strong and smile always....wider please..hee

    p/s: i would like to ask you to be patient on the scientist guy..i believe he is inventing something special to be shared for both of you..