Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh my,

It has been like a year and a half since my last update.

And my last post shows that somehow I was in a dark place trying to find myself back again. Ceh. Konon dark period lah. Memang benar, sangat dark. But my dark phase was more like about my unsettling emotion and love.


A new update?

I am happily engaged and will get married in a few more months. *Big grin*


To whom? Well, he was my best friend when we first knew each other. Yang selebihnya, biarlah rahsia. Hahaha.

Maybe I will update tiny weeny parts or big even, about my preparation or maybe I will not. I don't know. My writings are usually relying more on what I feel on that particular time.


Okay. I will write again. Soon. :)

Watch this space.