Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random tiny bits

  • I have made an honest Cancerian crab out of me by being over protective over this plastic heart of mine that could be punctured easily by a tiny pin which in my case, your senseless words. So, watch your words, or I could just simply put you down with mine.

  • Wedding could be a nice pain in the ass if you have gotten yourself a tedious most picky wedding planner in the world, which in my case, my mom. sorry ma. I have to. *pressure pressure*. Its not for my wedding anyway, its my brother's.

  • Speaking about weddings, yes of course its the season of weddings right now. It is like everyone around me is getting married, and at some point, I could not lie that I do feel a slight tingling feeling of envy that I too, wish to have a beautiful wedding event on my own. Being in charge of the theme color(s) that I choose, the dress I myself design, the flowers, invitation cards and other things! Yet, reality hits me back, shaking my body off and asking me to stay real "Intan, wedding wont stop at the day itself, hun. It starts right after" and yes it perfectly shuns me out of my Alice in the Wonderland fantasy.

  • Yet, that did not stop me from designing my own wedding dress. Haha. Something lace, something creamy, something flowy, yet nothing over the top! I will always go for classic look. Ah, I feel like getting married now just because of the dress, which in my case would not happen for the next few years! *sighing* but Allah knows best, right?

  • Wedding aside, this has never changed and will never be - Guys who read are in fact the sexiest most erotic human beings ever exist in my entire life. I saw this one chap in a train on my way to KL Sentral who was so immersed in his reading, the way his doe eyes flickered gleefully like he has this new found adventure and he's the sea ay ay captain sailing his big ship! And oh, I could do nothing but stare and stare and never at once I bat my eyelids, for I was too immersed in my new found adventure, a cute bookish guy! Yum.

  • Susah benar nak turunkan berat badan, which in my case I took the one whole Holy Ramadhan month to shed 3 kilograms which could only stay put for only a week, and poff its gone with the rendangs and ketupats and cakes and whatnots and now I earn back my 3 kilo badge happily! Yay, I am a happy girl scout.

  • Dont sigh Intan, just move your lazy butt around, go jogging you lazy

  • 2 weeks left before I formally leave Sharifah & Associates as a pupil in chamber and for that the bosses are rushing their butts off to make a mountain out of my empty desk just because.

  • Okay, I have to shove some mountain(s) of my desk, need to finish several cases now. Toodles sayonara!

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